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 Angie, a native of Cleveland, Ohio who recently relocated to the San Francisco-Bay Area, has been guided by her love and passion for pets. She created a Pet Sitting business as well as becoming a Pet First Aid CPR Instructor. Spending the last 6 years of her life with pets, inspired her to share her beloved story of her own dog, Jake. Website


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Adopting Jake

Illustrated by Diane Lucas


Adopting Jake is the first of four stories about children and pets. They are about Adopting, Rescuing, Finding, and Losing a pet. This book tells the story of a family that goes to a Pet Rescue to find a puppy to adopt for their son.


Children, Animals


  • Catalina | 27/10/2010

    I think this is an excelent book for parents to read to their kids when they are considering getting a pet. The importance of teaching children kindness and responsability towards animals is very well ilustrated in this story. Definitely a plus.


  • Catalina | 27/10/2010

    Parents will find this book to be a perfect tool to talk to kids about the responsability of choosing and bringing a dog home from the shelter. It is wonderful to see Jake in his own, beautiful and large back yard,


  • Emmy | 22/10/2010

    I bought this book for my daughter because we were considering adopting a dog from a shelter. Angie Black hit a homerun with this book! This is a great book to help children understand the importance and process of adopting a shelter dog. Our family loves reading it together.



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