Dan Arroyo

Dan earned his BA degree in Geography from the University of Akron in 1984. Spending over thirty years as a summer resident on Kelley’s Island, he’s drawn to its rich history, especially to old island photographs hanging in restaurants and stores in town. It was from his many years spent on the island where he pulled his inspiration for writing The Haunting of Island 6. Dan has spent close to ten years searching for the gravesite of William Cunningham whom the island was formerly named. He lives with his wife Laurie in Elyria, Ohio just a short drive to the Lake Erie islands.


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The Haunting of Island No. 6; Breaking the Silence


As a reporter, Daniel Perkins needs to unburden his soul, but wants to stay true to his convictions of writing the truth. In his journal, he writes of events that have shaped Island 6, yet begins to divulge strange things. He has seen simple, island life plagued by eerie occurrences, strange vanishings and deadly encounters. Reluctantly, he flees to escape a similar fate to finish his tale and to warn of a vengeful, haunting presence that silently lurks.



  • Leighton Banjoff | 31/03/2015

    Loved this book! Great detail and facts about the island :)



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