Debra Anderson

Debra Anderson was born in Vicksburg, Mississippi. She and her husband Gary have lived in the State capital- Jackson, for the past 30 years. Her background is in planning and research. She is also a freelance columnist for the local newspaper.


Over the years, Debra has worked as a volunteer to tutor and mentor children who don’t read very well. In an effort to motivate them, she began writing and using short stories that featured her students as the main characters. As a result, their interest levels increased and they were inspired to read more and work harder.


Her first book is a children’s story with a timeless message for young and old, with insight into how God might be pleased to work through those who love Him. The story was written to support and encourage her late pastor, during a low point in his ministry.


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The Seed Sower

The Seed Sower a Christian allegory. It is a story about encouragement. Walter’s garden is the world and the seeds he plants parallel the Gospel message. Walter discovers planting seeds, like the gospel, has no boundaries and cannot be hemmed in. He learns that God sometimes uses small efforts for a larger and higher purpose.


Our responsibility as Christians is to be obedient to God, making ourselves available to be used by Him in any and all circumstances. We must learn to trust Him, even when we cannot track Him.




  • Linda Lewis | 28/07/2013

    I really enjoyed reading this book. It is an inspiration to young and old alike. Truly a book to be shared with others.


  • Daniel Cross | 26/02/2013

    We are living in times where we tend to forget the things that should be remembered; and we tend to remember the things that we ought to forget. As with the book Gulliver's Travels, this is an allegory that needs to to be remembered and 'Never' forgotten. In a day when philosophers and corporation leaders are pushing a humanitarian code of ethics or a professinal code of ethics in their perspective arenas, it should be noted that there is only one absolute truth... and only one true ethical standard... And that is a Biblical one. Debra's book, "The Seed Sower" catch's the attention of young and old. It is biblical in its standard... and the message is priceless! When you obtain this priceless item, it does not belong on "The top shelf". In other words, it should not be an "out of reach" item; But rather, keep this in reach to pass from generation to generation. Wow... This book is Good!


  • Shirley Straughter | 16/01/2013

    This book should be shared by all who reads it. This book is about encouragement and places emphisis on how we never know what impact we can have on others. If proves is we are serious about God's work, He will alway get the Glory. Very good read.

  • D. Sanders | 16/01/2013

    This is an excellent book with a spiritual message that children can relate to and embrace.


  • Ray Smith | 16/01/2013

    This book is a treasure! The message is timeless and it encourages each of us to stay the course even when when we are discouraged. I purchased one for each of my nieces and nephews and they loved the story. We are all waiting on the next book!


  • Shirley Straughter | 16/01/2013

    This was a very well written book for people of all ages. As christians, doing God's work can be very challenging especially in the world we live in today. The message brings encouragement for all who are dedicated to doing the work for the Lord even when we feel it has no meaning to us, but the labor is recognized by the Lord in His own way. I encourage parents to read this book to their children as well as listen to the message it brings for everyone. I look forward to reading future books from this author to my grandchildren. Excellent work.


  • Connie linzy | 31/12/2012

    This was a very inspirational story,We never know how the actions of others can impact even the life of one person. This was a gat book for people of all ages to read...


  • DORIS MILLER | 31/12/2012

    I was very impressed with this product. It was very well written, and the thought put into it offered a very strong message not only for children, but for adult christians also. The spiritual message is very strong and brought forth very well. I would truly reccomend this book in the teaching of our children, and is a very good inspirational tool for those who may at sometime feel defeated in doing God's work. Very good work Mrs. Anderson. I look forward to hearing more from you in the future.



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