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James Chinery is a former occupational therapist and now full-time pastor who has always wondered if there were one or two hobbits lurking in his ancestral tree. He lives in Frankenmuth, MI, with his wife, three children and two unruly yet goodhearted chocolate labs. His interests include fishing, hunting, homeschooling, reading and doing his best to live as both sinner and saint.


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Bane & Blessing

Anselm Van Helflyn, newly consecrated mage of the Antiochim, is sent out on a mission to investigate reports of dark magic being practiced in Askani. What he finds will shake the continent, challenge theologians and threaten the peace between man and elf that has existed for a hundred years. Has dark magic returned to Superion? The Superion Union declares no, but the evidence proclaims a more sinister truth.




  • Irene Roth | 12/22/2015

    This is a unique novel with a great storyline. It is a novel like no other that I have ever read.


    As a philosopher, I find the concepts in this story very interesting. It is a book that will expand our view of what religion is and what our role in the world is as well. Father Merrick’s character in this novel is profound and soul-searching. Father Merrick was no ordinary priest. He knew suffering and unfairness very intimately being born with a birth defect that caused a lot of physical deformities of his face and head as well as other parts of his body. He looked strange to the world yet he did so much great work of mercy and compassion towards the most vulnerable.


    As the story unfolds, it shows how newly consecrated magician, Anselm Van Helflyn, is sent out on a mission to investigate reports of dark magic that were practised in Askani. What the magician finds out will challenge everyone including the ordinary person and theologian. It will threaten the peace between man and elf too. It would seem that dark magic has returned to Superion. I also find the title of the book very intriguing. The story line shows how we are both saints and sinners, and how human beings are capable of both. It seems that the world as a whole exudes both good and evil elements too. There is so much that is wonderful in the world. But there is also so much that is downright evil. That is perhaps how we find balance in the world. This is a book that will keep the reader reading and rereading the book for more depth and detail. There is also a glossary of terms in Appendix 1 as well as a Glossary Theologica of Father Merrick’s journals in Appendix II in case the reader has any questions about any of the concepts or terms.


    Thank you James Chinery for such a GREAT book!  I will be talking about it for a long time with my friends, encouraging them to read it.



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