Janice Austin Bates

Janice always loved writing and won an award for it in high school. She wrote poetry for years before discovering that there had been many poets in her family over the past four generations. Janice comes from a family with eight ministers in it and consequently it seemed natural to her to put her writing skills to use as a ministry to children. She is currently writing a series of children’s books explaining the Bible. She was born and raised in northern California where she lives with her husband, Ray.

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The Adventures of Little Chrisamee Creation

When Chrisamee, an adorable little angel, finds an opening in the side of heaven, Father God explains to her that it is a window where she can see what happens outside of heaven. For the next six days she sits in her window and watches while creation unfolds. Her little angel friends are also curious about what is going on. Since she starts and ends each day talking to Father God, she has many conversations with Him and asks questions about what He did and why. Come with her on this amazing adventure, and learn with her as God helps her to understand creation.





  • Irene Roth, Book Reviewer | 21/02/2013

    To say that this book is wonderful is an understatement. Not only will kids learn the marvelous creation story after reading this picture book, but it will help to rekindle their love of the world and help them appreciate all the marvelous things Father God created and to rejoice and be glad. The illustrator, Kim Sponaugle, also did a splendid job of vividly capturing the creation story with a fascination that children will be inspired to read over and over again. Thank you Janice for such a wonderful picture book!



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