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Jerry Blevins has a B.A degree from Anderson University, Anderson, Indiana and a Master's Degree from Duke University, Durham, North Carolina. He has worked with students at Ball State University, Purdue University, Huntington, Indiana College and Northern Illinois University. As an Adjunct Professor at North Central Michigan College, he taught in the departments of World Religion, Philosophy and American History. Mr. Blevins has been married to Sue for nearly thirty years. They have five children and seven grandchildren. He makes his home in Michigan where he enjoys watching all kinds of sporting events and playing golf.


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The Whole Life

The Whole Life describes the four relationships we have in human living ---- God, Self, Others and Nature. The book stresses the interrelationship of all four areas. We cannot have a relationship in any one of the areas without involving the other three as well. Since living a whole life includes confronting life in many ways, the book deals with the difference between constructive anxiety and destructive anxiety, the five characteristics of a good worker, dealing with stress, the meaning of peace, before and after the wedding, making and enjoying friendships, as well as dealing with many other contexts and decisions that we face daily.




  • Irene Roth | 01/24/2017

    This is a wonderful picture book for kids about how to like themselves and include everyone.


    This story opens with a little boy who loves waking up in the morning because his Mom kisses and tickles him. He also loves having breakfast with his dad and brother. But as the average day starts and he has to go to school he becomes unhappy. He loves school, and he wants to learn. But his efforts are stifled because a kid makes fun of him. If only he could ignore him. He is not the only target of this bully, other kids are picked on as well.


    During recess time the kids who are picked on by the bully,  are playing together. They don't care that their clothes don't fit right or if someone is chubby or don't fit into the mold of the bully. As the kids are laughing and playing with one another they notice the bully sitting alone looking sad, the kids invite him to play with them.


    This is a great picture book with a very important message. We are all beautiful, but in our own unique way,  and there's always room for another friend.



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