Kathy Burke

Kathy lives and works in the suburbs of Maryland. She has been writing and painting for her own enjoyment for most of her life. When Kathy's three children were small, they mis-pronounced the words, "wicked witch". It came outwicka-wits. "That silly thought has been tumbling around her mind for years. Now her granddaughter, Piper, does the same thing, wicka-wits." So this is how Wixi-Lou WickaWits came about!


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Wixi-Lou WickaWits

Introducing Wixi-Lou WickaWits, an ageless little witch who lives in a town called Wick-Swickity Twitch. She’s smart, but silly, clever, and quirky. Wixi-Lou has a kind heart and a love for animals and magic. Enjoy Wixi’s first story in which she meets her very best friend.




  • April K | 25/10/2011

    Wixi-Lou WickaWits is a darling story for little ones to read! Wiki-Lou's endearing spirit shines as she goes about concocting her witchy spells and finding and caring for what is to become her best new found friend, the black cat! The illustrations were so expertly detailed it swept me right into her little life immediately. I hope to see more tales of Ms. Wiki-Lou to be published for children to follow. Kathy has a wonderful gift both with words and art that should be encouraged by all.


  • Amanda B. | 12/10/2011

    Wixi-Lou WickaWits by Kathryn M. Burke is a wonderful and refreshing book. Her illustrations are beautiful and detailed. You will enjoy this original story and will fall in love with the characters. I look forward to the next book!



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