Kendra Black

Kendra Black is a woman of God, who truly loves the Lord with all of her heart. She has a Bachelors Degree of Arts and Christian Studies with the honors of Suma Cum Laude acquired from Grand Canyon University. She is also pursing a Masters Degree in Christian Arts with an Emphasis on Leadership. She has obtained many certificates towards her studies including a certificate in Theology obtained through Missionary School under Barbara Matchett, Amy Engram, Pastor Johnny Bradley, and Bishop Wayne Leggett, COGIC. She holds an Evangelist license from the So. GA 2nd Jurisdiction under Superintendant Bradley, District Missionary Wells, Mother Engram, and Bishop Leggett. She also serves in her local church as a Sunday school teacher to the Jr. High School, a member of the Missionary Circle, and a member of the Prayer Warrior team. She is a wife to one husband, a mother of two, and a homemaker. She is also a Domestic employer over the Caregivers to her eldest son. Kendra is a Caregiver as well. It is Kendra’s will to please the Lord by leading others to Christ, which will bring life and light to their lives. Bruised But Not Broken’s purpose was brought to life through the life of Kendra, which will bring light to others.


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Bruised But Not Broken

Bruised But Not Broken is an assignment from God to heal all the hurting women and let them know that God does love them, although the trickster (Satan) has told them otherwise. It is a story of a misguided life that was abused from birth to the present. However, God is using that hurt to bring joy and glory to His name. Because of the hurt found in this book, many will be changed by the twinkling of an eye. They will turn to their real Father which is in Heaven. This book will let everyone know that there is no hurt too deep or so bad that God can not heal it. All we have to do is let Him in, and He will do he rest.


  • Barbara | 14/03/2014

    A book that reiterates the promises of God "I will never leave you nor forsake you",a book that will bring encouragement and strength to go on in the worst of circumstances.


  • Lynette | 14/03/2014

    I could have been just like Kendra, but God interferred.



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