Nita Brady

Nita Brady is the Founder/Director of a non-profit called “Beyond the Walls for Kids”, which offers support for children of the incarcerated. A portion of book sales will go to this non-profit. Her passion is to offer hope, inspiration, and encouragement to people of all ages. She is married, has three grown children, and eight grandchildren. She lives in Modesto, California, with her husband, four cats, four bunnies, and one dog.






Little House Who Didn't Lose Hope

The Little House Who Didn’t Lose Hope is a present day parable for anyone of any age who needs to be inspired and encouraged— especially those who have felt abandoned, neglected, unloved, or desperately hopeless. The central character is a little rundown house that has been abandoned by a beloved family, and is mocked and bullied by other beautiful houses around him. But he has a loving advocate in one sweet house who offers him support, encouragement, and hope. This little house will win your heart, and his ponderings at the end of the story give much food for thought.  Discussion questions are included.




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