Nora Alajmi

A 26-year-old Kuwaiti photographer, translator and writer. Mainly interested in literary writing in Arabic that she translates into English. Her life has been on a plane, due to her father’s career as a pilot, from where she took most of the photographs in this book. Currently, Nora lives in Mexico City because of her husband’s work. She moved to New York City for briefly then returned to Mexico.


Photography has been in her blood since she was a child. She was influenced by her parents’ documentary photos and their attachment to the camera. Landscapes and cityscapes are her area of interest among the other fields of photography.




The Literary Lens

This book is easy to follow and needs no efforts nor explanations about how it is divided. It’s idea lives in how the photos are positioned and described with comments and thoughts, first in the author’s first language—Arabic—and then translated in to English by the author as well. Some photos might not have an English translation. This is due to the author’s choice in keeping the explanation only in Arabic.


Art, Inspirational, Photography


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