Pilu Alvigini

Pilu Alviigini finished her first novel at age 23 (the one in your hands, or e-book for that matter), and she plans to write a lot more very soon. She was born in Argentina and has lived in several cities around the world including Buenos Aires, Panama, Mexico City, Caracas, New York and Houston, where she has seen enough about people to just keep it to herself. She would love to hear from you at @pilu_alvigini




Desertion of Dreams

You leave everything behind, the good and the bad, your dreams and nightmares, get on a boat, and navigate for months until you clear your head from the chaos that overpowered your life and forced you to run away. When you find yourself again, your life is lost but someone finds you and brings you back. Now you have to relearn the steps to living and redefining your dreams.




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