S. Brooks

 S. Brooks is called Sweetie by her husband. Her six children have almost as many names for her as she has children. By her grandchildren she is known as Oma and Granny. And one special friend finds humor in calling her a Hippie Mother Guru. Throughout her days Brooks enjoys nourishing her family and anyone else who may come her way, with love and home cooked meals from her heart.




An Awakening of the Spirit with Heart Songs

Part I: An Awakening of the Spirit: What a beautiful feeling to know that this is what loves me more than I can love; looks out for me and cares for me in every way. This an overview of something much more specific and profound-of when the Universe/God decided to introduce Itself/Himself to me out of the blue, and it is a vivid look into my life at the time it happened and much detail explaining the ways my relationship has become very personal and real with God and the journey He has taken me on.


Part II: Heart Songs: Epilogue: God’s words expounded in my life. During the time of writing on this, I developed a greater understanding of what God is and what real Love is.



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