S. Jenny Boyer

S. Jenny Boyer lives in Frederick, Maryland, with her husband, Jim, and their "invisible cat," KK. Writing about animals and the life lessons they teach us is her new passion. A retired nurse, she was an Infection Control Practitioner at the local hospital.


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SpecialT Nine Lives – Nine Names

Cats teach us some of life's most important lessons. After all, nine lives allow them time to get things right.


God, in His infinite wisdom and I imagine a chuckle or two, often uses one of His marvelous creatures get our attention. I'm convinced that SpecialT, an older, gentle, tabby cat, was divinely led to my home and into my heart because some of the principles I had previously learned about family, friendship, and God's faithfulness needed reinforcing.


All SpecialT needed to do to get his points across was to be himself. His story reveals how delightful life can end up being if we can find the path God wants for us, take it, persevere on it, and not look back. This was one of my cat's most poignant lessons. I found out after SpecialT had been with me for many years, that several of his allotted nine lives had already been spent. There is no doubt in my mind that he polished his life-lessons on his way to me. Many cats share one or more of SpecialT's qualities, and are no doubt life-lesson teachers to some degree. Whether you read his story on a sunny beach, in front of a fireplace with a cup of tea, out loud to your children or grandchildren, or quietly to yourself, it is my hope that one of your favorite cats, past or present, will come to mind and put a smile on your face as you remember a life-lesson he or she taught to you.



  • Irene Roth, Book Review | 14/06/2013

    This is a book that will move the reader, especially a cat lover. I loved it from beginning to end. Boyer does a splendid job of conveying the love and friendship that exist between cat and person. Sometimes, a pet does grace a life, and that pet cannot ever be fully replaced by another. Thank goodness for wonderful pets!


  • Maritta Perry Grau | 11/06/2013

    Looking for the perfect summer read for your book club or for a trip to the beach? With gentle humor and a joy in life, SpecialT: Nine Lives—Nine Names is a book to savor in many ways. You’ll find yourself reading passages aloud, wanting to discuss them with someone. You will chuckle, laugh, and cry at SpecialT’s antics, independence, and his way of establishing himself over the other members of the household (Jessie, a Lhasa Apso; eventually, another cat, KK; his humans; and even the neighbors who became his “grandcats”). You will pause at the marvelous fresh, original descriptions that offer rich images. Finally, you will assess your own relationships with your humans and pets and look more closely at the path you follow.


  • Michelle Gunessever | 31/05/2013

    The book Special T is special indeed!! This quick read will fill you up with pure joy. As you follow T’s life you will be reminded about the simple pleasures in life that make each day special.


  • Lorraine Davis | 31/05/2013

    Special T is a book that all will enjoy, "cat people" or not. He teaches many life lessons we all need to learn. I fell in love with this charming, gregarious feline. A great read!


  • Eleanor Strietman | 25/05/2013

    SpecialT Nine Lives - Nine Names by S. Jenny Boyer is that rare book that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. In clear, straightforward prose Ms. Boyer tells of the sometimes remarkable, sometimes mundane adventures of her beloved cat, “SpecialT,” and what he taught her about life. This is a book that speaks to the heart and resonates in the soul. I loved it!


  • Laura Falcon | 25/05/2013

    This story of Special"T" cat one of those that will grab at your heart strings. You find yourself in love with this feline that had God's strength, wisdom and perserverance to find his loving home. You will see God's hand at work in this true story of an awe-inspiring cat.


  • Amanda Brown | 25/05/2013

    Special T was a wonderful book. My nine year old son and I read the book together and I am not sure which one of us enjoyed it more. It is a book for all ages to enjoy. We smiled, we laughed, and we even had tears in our eyes while reading Special T. I would recommend to all.


  • juliet keller | 25/05/2013

    I was privileged to hear a short reading by the author of a few chapters of this charming book. The story grips your attention, delights your soul, and makes you smile all at the same time. The author tells the story with great description and a real sense for the unique nature of God's creation--a special cat.






Delightful Encounters With God's Little Creatures

Many of God’s creatures share our days, yet they are frequently present without our realizing it. I have always been conscious of the fascinating world of animals close around us, but I am way too practical to enter into its realm very often. The stories in this book reflect a few of the times I was privileged to become aware of the impact of one or more of these creatures on myself or others.


As I recalled these events from my past, both more recent and long ago, and put my thoughts into words, my sister drew the main characters in the stories, giving life-like substance to my memories. The combined result—my stories and her pictures—show, I hope, that life's blessings by God's little creatures are available to us all, if only we take the time to open our hearts to them.



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