Summer Abate

Writer, artist, designer, and developer, Summer Abate is passionate about fostering healthy imagination and a sense of limitless creativity in children.  Driven to create in this same way, she enjoys a variety of pursuits, from acting, modeling, and producing an original screenplay, to graphic design, computer programming, and video game development.  In her free time, Summer is an avid gamer, never stops learning new skills, and is currently working on several projects with her husband and two children towards developing games of their own. "The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination." - Albert Einstein




Life Outside the Box

Imagination in overdrive, limitless creativity, this pint-sized producer transforms the world around her into her personal sandbox ready to mold to any of her many ideas. When it comes to creativity, small size doesn't mean small abilities. Life is a little different through these eyes...  Introducing, Sierra.




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