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Jessica Tukaj

Amanda and Jessica were college roommates who both majored in special education. Amanda is an educator currently living in South Carolina with her husband and two children. In her daily life, she strives to model lifelong learning and using humor to persevere. Jessica is a mother, wife, special education teacher, mental health counselor, and volunteer in Southwest Florida. She is dedicated to the importance of learning, resiliency, and social-emotional development. Their first book, "In Time Butterfly," represents their love of children and their commitment to individual learning and development.




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In Time Butterfly

Paul is a little caterpillar who dreams of what it would be like to become a butterfly and fly. He befriends Mona, an adventurous and outgoing caterpillar in the butterfly garden. How will Paul handle the fact that his best friend, Mona, is growing faster and becoming a butterfly first? Does he need to change who he is to be able to fly? Will Paul ever become a butterfly?


Children, Animals


  • Irene S. Roth | 06/06/2018

    This is a wonderful picture book for kids with important lessons about love and family.


    The story is about Paul and Mona, two little caterpillars who befriend each other. As time goes on, Mona grows faster than Paul. Paul becomes frustrated and wants to do everything that Mona is doing. But he can’t because he is a bit different from her.


    Regardless of their differences, they form a real bond. They spend a lot of time talking with one another. One day, Mona becomes a butterfly and she is able to fly away and have a lot of exciting adventures. But she always comes back and talks to Paul every night about her experiences of the day.


    More than their friendship, Mona truly believes in Paul. When Paul becomes frustrated because he isn't growing as fast, Mona always reassures him that he will become a butterfly in time. What a powerful message for kids of all ages! If only kids would learn the important message that they all have potential from the earliest age, adolescence would be a much less frustrating time for teens.


    This is an important book that can be read by kids of all ages. In addition, the illustrations are striking and beautiful, making this picture book for kids a true treasure.


  • Melissa Knoeber | 06/20/2018

    Congratulations on publishing such a wonderful, uplifting book. This message is relevant for all ages, and I cannot wait to see what's next for these authors!



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