Anne Doetschman

Anne Doetschman was born in France. She was raised in France and abroad. She came to the United States in 2000 and became a US Citizen in 2006. She works as a French Interpreter and now lives in Bellingham in the state of Washington with her son.


She loves to write and paint. Dede’s (pronounced DD) Adventures is a series of stories about a little bear who loves adventures of all kinds. She got her inspiration from her son. His bear Dede has been with him since he was born. Anne is a very talented writer and illustrator and her book will bring great joy and fun to the young readers. She is working on more volumes to continue the wonderful adventures of Dede. Website


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Dede's Adventures

Dede’s (pronounced DD) Adventures is a series of stories about a little bear who loves adventures of all kinds. Dede is a little bear who belongs to my son. He inspired me with his imagination and sense of adventures to write this book and give life to Dede.



  • BookClub | 15/12/2014

    Dede’s Adventures by Anne Doetschman is a children’s book about a little white bear. The author also drew the illustrations for the eleven stories contained in this collection. Dede lives near the mountains and forest and enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and fishing. He goes on a series of adventures such as the zoo, fishing, and going on a vacation. There is a useful lesson or thought-provoking question contained in each adventure. Dede is a fun, likeable character that I think young children would enjoy. The individual plots are light-hearted and often include various steps involved in an adventure. I particularly enjoyed Dede’s choice of vacation, the treehouse in the backyard. It’s a place that children would be able to relate to, as opposed to a faraway vacation. The descriptions are vividly written. I could picture the treehouse with the table, bed, and outdoor balcony.


    The artwork is colorful and appealing, depicting a bear that is drawn like a bear/little boy wearing human clothing. The pictures of Dede’s activities would inspire children to use their imagination when playing with toys. Well- written and thorough review. I liked that the vacation from this book is in a treehouse. There is something very wholesome and relatable in that vacation destination. It made me think of when kids put up a tent and go "camping" in their own backyard.



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