Christian Dolan

Christian was inspired to become an author when she taught her oldest child the Lord's Prayer. She is a deacon, has a Bachelor's Degree in Biology, and a minor in Anthropology. She enjoys spending time with family and friends.




The Lord's Prayer for Children

This book is for anyone who wants to teach children about the special relationship we all have with God. This story is based upon the author's personal expression of the Lord's Prayer, which she used to teach her oldest son, Addison. Addison not only learned the prayer during that story, but developed a better understanding of the meaning of the prayer. Additionally, he gained a broader comprehension of language by the use of similarly meaning words in the explanation of the prayer.


The purpose of this book is to help families strengthen their interactions with each other, the world we live in, and most of all, with God. The end of this book includes questions to help parents and caregivers begin conversations with their children about God and how we can honor Him.



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