Daniel DelaRosa

Daniel was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. He is the son of a Baptist preacher, Jesus DeLaRosa, who has since gone on to be with the Lord. Daniel is retired and is currently living in North Eastern Ohio. In 2005, he founded the Ohio Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park located in Clinton, Ohio as a tribute to his oldest brother, Jesus DelaRosa, Jr., and to the men and women who gave their all while serving in the United States Armed Forces.


Even though Daniel did not follow in his father’s footsteps to be a preacher of the gospel, he prays that his writings will WIN people to Christ. Website




Jesus Rocks Sports, Music and Faith

Two Choices, One God


Sports: Gifted with exceptional grid iron skills, senior quarterback, Jesus Garcia is well on his way of becoming a football super star and must decide on a collegian program in which to play the game he loves.


Music: After his incredible performance while auditioning for a talent show, the football star is offered the frontman position for a rising Christian rock band called, Messenger.  Jesus seeks advice from those closest to him, and a legendary guitarist he admires.


Faith: His faith, the trials of life, and amazing journey helps Jesus Garcia to discover the true meaning of playing for a winning team.


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