Debra E. Classen

Debra E. Classen was born and raised in California and loves the ocean. Debra holds master's degrees in counseling and theology, and she is the executive director of a non-profit organization called, The Mute Swan Ministry ( The ministry, founded in 2005, encourages hope and healing through sharing God's beauty in our world. She has three grown children; Travis, Tegan, and Tiffany. Her first grandchild, Dylan, was born in 2015 and lives in Florida. Debra lives in the Midwest, with her husband of thirty-seven years, Roger.




Into the Ocean

"Into the Ocean" is a story of seven sea creatures that live in the ocean of God's love. They represent the seven cardinal sins; pride, envy, greed, gluttony, lust, anger, and sloth. Each creature is loved, though each is flawed.


As the creatures selfishly decide to go to the beach to get more of something for themselves, they get into trouble. It is only when they return to the ocean that they can celebrate who they are and love one another, flaws and all. This book is intended to be read aloud with a child you love.


Children, Animals


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