Denise Dalton

Denise is a retired Alzheimer’s nursing assistant who was born and raised as a Roman Catholic in Cleveland, Ohio. This is her first novel. To escape from the harsh, Northern winters, she frequently travels to Florida where she had previously lived for 11 years. Denise enjoys art, museums, history, and watching her local sports teams on television.




Reverse the Ruin

"If I had to put in all that hard work for decades, working for an assortment of bosses': then it was time I put in the hard work to reap the rewards of saving my own life!"   - Denise G. Dalton


Angela Majerle, RDLD is a Registered Dietitian with 20 years of experience with the MetroHealth System in Cleveland Ohio.  She currently works with acute rehabilitation patients and is the dietitian for the Senior Health and Wellness Clinic.  She teaches dance and loves her yoga.  Her favorite place in the world is Niagara Falls where she always feels like a kid again.




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The Worship Room

The Worship Room is the inspirational novel that answers the question: “Do you know where your prayers go when you pray?” What if the ‘Holy Ones’ we pray to are all board members in Heaven and the CEO is GOD?

Miracles happen! Prayers are heard. There is no such thing as a coincidence. Each chapter in this book examines is individual stories of faith, hope, and trust, with characters praying for their own miracles.

In these chaotic times, I hope the message will inspire us all to pray for a miracle in hopes of creating a greater world of peace, friendship and tranquility for us all!

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  • John | 11/08/2011

    In her young 20's and 30's Denise imanageative and creativity (in which I heard and saw) fortold Denise to put it into print.



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