D.J. Dupree graduated from Southern Illinois University, served in the U.S. Army, and traveled to fourteen countries and all over the United States before moving to Illinois, where he currently resides. He is currently working on a number of writing projects, including the next book in the “Darkness” series.




And Darkness Comes

Within each of us, there is darkness; a piece of our souls, we’d like to forget. Though we fight it, and deny it, and try to suppress it, this part of our selves, remains. And there are things out there, things which speak to this darkness within us…which feed, upon us...


A ghastly shooting leads tabloid reporter Justin Barrett to the small town of Johnston City, Illinois, where an appalling evil has already claimed twenty-two people. Two young boys are responsible for the carnage, “normal” kids who became brutal murderers. Justin Barrett wants to be the first reporter to find out why.


Timmy Rice and Colin Bolander seemed like any other eighth grade kids from the Midwest. Their story had all of the elements a good tabloid reporter looks for, and Justin Barrett was not about to let this one get away.  But as imprisoned Timmy Rice begins to tell his tale, Justin finds himself drawn unwittingly into a dark abyss of terrifying malevolence he cannot escape.


An ancient evil lies at the heart of Timmy’s and Colin’s crimes, a living darkness intent on more than mere brutal murder. As the darkness manipulates the boys into performing its bloody deeds, Timmy’s older brother Sean and the ghost of his dead little sister Carla, become entangled in the web of horror, treachery, and death the darkness has fashioned to serve its own terrifying ends. And Justin Barrett discovers he too is trapped within this dark web, helplessly snarled, hopelessly lost...


And Darkness Comes is a frightening look into the human soul, a supernatural and psychological journey through the darkness, and light, which exists within us all.


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