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Ellen Cromwell is the founder of the Georgetown Hill Early Schools in Montgomery County, Maryland and has been an educator of young children since the 1970’s and is the author of three early childhood professional texts including Nurturing Readiness in Early Childhood Education, Allyn & Bacon, 2000. Wiggle-Dee-Dee, Splash Puddle Splash, and Are You Listening, Potbelly? are three recent children’s books she has authored.


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TALASI... A Story of Tenderness and Love

This is a story about a young Hopi Indian girl named Talasi.


Her name comes from corn tassel flowers that surround her pueblo home in Arizona. Tassels are tall, slender flowers clustered at the very top of corn. Corn, in its many forms, provides basic nourishment for Hopi People.


Children, Inspirational


  • Irene S. Roth | 11/17/2015

    This is a wonderful story for children about love, loss and new beginnings. It is a book that children will be able to relate to and understand as they journey through life.

    Children get so close to their grandparents. Talasi was no exception. She spent a lot of time with her grandmother on a mesa in Arizona. She loved the peace and quiet of her home and she loved her grandmother. One day her life changed forever and she had to move to the city. Not only did she lose her grandmother who she loved with all her heart but she also had to adapt to a new school and start a life in a large city. Talasi was very resilient and she did make a new life for herself. Talasi does this by remembering the stories and songs that her grandmother shared with her. She carries her grandmother in her heart every day and that gets her through the tough times.

    The illustrations in this book are absolutely awesome and inspiring. I have never seen a children's book with quite so much detail and splendid color which brings the story to life. The art work is also very expressive.

    What a GREAT book for children! It is a picture book that will be enjoyed by children and adults of all ages for many years.


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