Howard Davis Jr.

Howard Davis Jr., born and raised in Cleveland Ohio, husband and father. The Emmy Award winner has worked in TV and film for the past 24 years. Created a children's book that could motivate and teach kids to do their best in what ever they do. And with some work can become what ever they want to become.


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Professor Teachalot

In this era of single parent homes, there are some children, who have low self-esteem, still not believing in themselves. This book was created to help motivate all children to realize that they can be anything they want to be. Professor Teachalot Career Day is a motivating tool for children, with the hope that it will inspire them to realize they can be whatever they want to be.




  • Belinda | 03/12/2010

    Very colorful, good motivator for all children , my niece loved it good for ages 3 to 9



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