Jacqueline Compagnoni

Jacquie Compagnoni is a Christian and Clinically Licensed Social Worker. Her years of experience and passion have lead to her work in life coaching with teens and young adults and guided her writing throughout her life.  She writes from both personal and professional experience to speak directly to the heart of challenges that today’s teens and young adults face.




A Walk Within

Do you believe God has a plan for your life and that everything you face, both good and bad, can be used for a greater purpose? In this book, Jacquie Compagnoni offers a rich experience as you journey along with Susan, a young girl, who has to learn to overcome many of today’s challenges. Susan in thrown in the midst of storm after storm after her father abandons the family. Join her on this journey as she learns how to overcome such challenges such as an alcoholic mother, peer pressure, foster care, meaningless relationships, pregnancy and so much more.


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