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Joy is an attorney living in Akron, Ohio. A former Corporate Executive, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney and Law Firm Partner, she now owns her own practice and concentrates in Family Law. Joy dedicates a substantial portion of her practice to the pro-bono representation of survivors of violent crimes and sexual assault, many of whom are children. She has consistently ranked in the top 3 attorneys in Ohio for number of survivors assisted. Joy is an active volunteer in a number of animal rescue groups as well as showing her 3 Dogue de Bordeaux (Turner and Hooch dogs).


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Bailey's Heartstrings

One sunny morning, Bailey the dog wakes up and finds herself in a beautiful meadow. The meadow is not only filled with flowers, but has a stream and a rainbow that never goes away plus many, many other dogs to play with. Bailey realizes that her hips no longer hurt and is able to run and play like a brand-new puppy. As close as she was to her human family there was one secret that she kept from them: dogs have invisible heartstrings that forever bind them to their loved ones which enable Bailey to find (see) her human family any time day or night.


Join Bailey as she travels from the Rainbow Meadow back to visit her human family in order to bring them wonderful surprises to cheer them up in her absence. Bailey flies the world in search of the perfect new pet for her family and finally finds their new dog Jack in an animal shelter.


A beautifully illustrated, heartwarming story designed to help children young and old cope with the loss of a pet.


A portion of the proceeds of this book will be donated to animal rescue.


Children, Animals


  • Cami | 08/08/2012

    Wonderful book! My kids love this book. The writing is very well done and the illustrations are beautiful. It has been a great help in dealing with the loss of our dog. It's nice to see the kids smile again when they think about him.


  • Joanne | 24/09/2011

    I loved this book! Very well written. A good gift for a family or person who has ever grieved over losing a pet. Nice ending.


  • Tracy | 30/05/2011

    What a great book! My son loves it. Highly recommended.



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