Karen Goff Dyser

Karen Goff Dyser was diagnosed in 2008 with ovarian cancer stage 3C. When her doctor told her that only 26 percent of women with this type of cancer are alive five years later, she was paralyzed with fear. In her journal, she recorded daily routines that helped her to remain hopeful. She is a mother of two, grandmother of six, and lives with her husband, Joe, in Twinsburg, Ohio.

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Hope: A Bridge Above an Ocean of Doubt: A Memoir

This moving memoir is a passionate and personal account of the author’s struggles with a diagnosis of advanced ovarian cancer and her use of mainstream chemotherapy, as well as integrative therapies, to create a pathway to survival. It highlights the importance of the connection of body, mind, and spirit to provide the patient the tools she needs to heal completely.


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Bailey Bunny and the Fear Monster


Bailey Bunny and the Fear Monster, is a picture book targeted at the 3 to 7- year- age group. The story creates a secure setting in which Bailey Bunny feels “safe and warm and loved.” The story focuses on his daily reading and rocking in his child-sized chair. The conflict occurs when Bailey begins having a recurring nightmare about a Fear Monster taking away his rocking chair. Mama Bunny rushes to his bedside to comfort him. The third time it happens, she teaches him about courage and gives him a courage stone to keep under his pillow to remind him that he is strong and can face the Fear Monster on his own.




  • Rachel | 26/04/2011

    Great book. Our 3-year-old son's imagination was exploding and he was having nightmares and a difficult time sleeping. We read this book and talked about fear and the courage inside of him. He loves the book and it has given him the confidence to sleep through the night. He loves repeating that Baily felt "safe and warm and loved"!


  • Susan Griffin | 24/03/2011

    As the mother of a 5-year-old, I love this book. Bailey Bunny goes through the same fears that most children deal with at some time in their childhood. Whether it is a nightmare or a real life fear, Bailey can help children find their own courage through a fun story that my daughter already has memorized and can "read" along with me. I have recommended it to all of my friends with young children.


  • Judy Spiker | 11/01/2011

    A well written, beautifully illustrated book. At any age we need to find ways to over-come fear and become courageous.



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