Lydia Esparra

Lydia Esparra is an Emmy winning television anchor and currently is still working in broadcasting. Lydia has won several awards and is best known for her compassionate story telling. She comes from a very large family. “Being raised with 9 brothers and sisters was an awesome experience." When she tells people she is one of ten kids they are always amazed.


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Heaven is all Around You

Lydia wrote HEAVEN IS ALL AROUND YOU when her sister, Memby died from colon cancer. Lydia knows talking about death with children is a very difficult thing, as her sister struggled with that too. She is hoping the words in her book will help lift the burden. “My sister was a mom and loved her two daughters dearly. I know this book would have helped her too."



  • Rick Clevenger | 29/11/2012

    Author Lydia Esparra has created a wonderful, uplifting message in her book "Heaven is All Around You." The book is an exceptional tool for young children and families dealing with the death of a loved one, and Lydia covers the difficult issue in a caring, soothing manner. The author delivers her message in a way that grieving and confused young children can easily understand. Reading the book is a most inspirational experience, and one that is highly recommended to anyone who has ever lost a loved one. This is definitely a book that needed to be written!!! Lydia Esparra is a compassionate author whose words in "Heaven is All Around You" have already been life changing for many people.



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