Marilyn L. Donnellan

Marilyn L. Donnellan, MS, is a motivational speaker, consultant to nonprofits, internationally published author, a wife, mother and grandmother.  Her spiritual gifts are exhortation, administration and teaching. She is a graduate of Multnomah University, George Fox University and Atlantic Coast Theological Seminary, with degrees in Human Resources Management and Christian Administration, and a certificate in Biblical Studies. Website




Two Faces of Me

Emotionally damaged by childhood bullying and verbal abuse, the author takes the reader on a rocky journey from deep-seated feelings of ugliness and inadequacies to a positive self image. Struggling to find herself after an attempted suicide, she lives her life like an actress, pretending to be what she does not feel. Focused on a lifestyle of over achievement and trying to please others, it is only when she begins to comprehend her worth in God’s eyes that she is able to see herself as unique, valuable, gifted and beautiful.


“…Like a conversation between friends…honest, intelligent and sometimes heart-breaking.”  Trina Bartlett, MSW, LGSW.


“Inspiring testimonial…thought provoking…a good read” _Nancy DeLong, Sister.


“Great transparency…easy to identify with…unique use of creativity to enhance message…provides answers.”  _Diane Hawkins, MA, President, Restoration in Christ Ministries.


“…a wonderful book…the reader hears the echoes of their own story and can choose to take steps towards healing through God’s mirror of truth.”  Kimberly A. Hawkins, Dallas, TX.




  • Diane Hawkins, MA, President, Restoration in Christ Ministries | 09/12/2016

    Great transparency...easy to identify with...unique use of creativity to enhance message...provides answers.


  • Trina Bartlett, MS, LGSW | 09/12/2016

    Like a conversation between friends...honest, intelligent and sometimes heartbreaking.


  • Nancy DeLong | 09/12/2016

    Inspiring testimonial... thought proving... a good read.


  • Kimberly A. Hawkins, Dallas, TX | 09/12/2016

    ...a wonderful book...the reader hears the echoes of their own story and can choose to take steps towards healing through God's mirror of truth.



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