Nancy Lind Corradini

Prior to becoming an author, Nancy Lind Corradini worked as a librarian and shopkeeper. She retired early so she could play soccer and read to her grandchildren from her vast collection of picture books. Seeking a new experience, Nancy decided to transition her husband’s racehorse to a pet. What followed was the heartfelt journey of acceptance, friendship and fun shared in this story.


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The Horse Who Loves Hats

A quirky racehorse named Stardust, who never wins a race, stumbles upon a second chance in life as a therapy horse. The horse’s equal acceptance of all people sets the example for them to follow. Two children working with Stardust, one on the autism spectrum and one not, become friends even though they see the world differently. The story is heartfelt but the hat loving horse and whimsical illustrations make the message fun.


Children, Animals


  • Irene Roth | 10/10/2016

    This is a wonderful picture book with an important message of inclusion for kids.


    When Stardust was born, her mom truly loved her. At night, she would cuddle with her so close that they breathed nose to nose. This is when Stardust felt the most confident and mostly loved by her mom. Because of this feeling of confidence and comfort when her mom was close to her head, she started loving to wear hats because they resembled the feeling that her mom’s cuddling had way back when she was a baby. And over the years, she wore a lot of beautiful hats, each of which comforted her tremendously. When Stardust grew older, she became a racehorse. She was different from the other racehorses in that she never won a race. Having determined that she wasn’t a good racehorse, her new owners helped her find something else that she could do. In the process, Stardust stumbled upon a second chance at something that she absolutely was excellent at: loving and being compassionate towards kids.


    As Stardust embarked on her new venture, she discovered that she became especially compassionate with kids who were different. Stardust was so gentle with the children on the ranch and she liked nuzzling with them. She used her head to cuddle, just as her mom had done with her many years before. Autistic kids especially loved Stardust and were especially drawn to her.


    This book also has a section at the end on what autism is so that parents can describe the condition to their kids and a glossary of key terms as well as how the reader can get more information about autism. The whimsical illustrations show the message clearly to the reader!


    This is an important book for all parents and kids. It is a book that will show kids how to include everyone and to love unconditionally. It is an empowering book that will keep kids and parents coming back and reading the book over and over again.



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