Nicki Donley

Nicki Donley graduated from Kent State with a major in Communications. As a mother of triplet girls she has taken her parenting experiences and love of reading to help young people understand the effect their behavior can have on others. An avid recycler; Nicki's company MOC- Move Over Cards designs elegant and fun gift enclosure tags from recycled paper and was recently awarded the 2010 PTPA product award.


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Cool Conduct 100 Ways To Make A Positive Impression

Cool Conduct, 100 Ways To Make A Positive Impression, is an educational question and answer book identifying manners, etiquette and safety. Cool Conduct is designed to encourage discussions that develop kind, confident, and respectful children.


Our conduct should make us, and those around us, feel good and confident, not upset or embarrassed. By establishing clear expectations, young children can understand values such as courtesy, empathy, and respect.


Unbecoming conduct can hold a person back both personally and academically from reaching their potential.




  • Shari | 22/10/2010

    Great ideas. A super resource for parents to use. We assume that these things are taught at home, but as you know, often times they are not. Shari Jaskiewicz Wilcox Primary School



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