Nikki DeOliviera

Nikki has always felt a call from the Lord to spread His word through her passion—writing. Originally from southern Louisiana, she currently resides in the city of Ruston, Louisiana with her husband Bryan and daughter Adalinne. Nikki graduated with a Bachelors degree in English Literature from Louisiana Tech University in 2008, and plans to earn a Masters degree in Library Science within the next few years. She loves her job as a children’s librarian in Monroe, Louisiana where she can share the joy of a good book with every child she meets.




Strong Lily Blue

Lily Johnson has spent most of her life trapped inside a loveless marriage, forced to coexist with a man she considers to be a monster. But after his untimely death, Lily is forced to face her horrific past in order to reevaluate who she is. After all she has been through, can Lily ever find love? Inspired by true events, Strong Lily Blue is a tale set in the 1880's south that unveils love, rape, murder, and mystery all in one spellbinding story. Will Lily's strong faith in God prevail in the end, or will she succumb to her desire for revenge?



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