Patricia Cardenas

Patricia Cardenas was born in 1968 and raised in San Jose, California. Since she was a child she has suffered many violent and traumatic situations. She has two children, a daughter and a son. She is the eldest daughter of nine, three half-sisters and four half-brothers, one full brother. Patricia is also a proud grandmother.


When Cardenas was living her life as a homeless addict, God continued to speak to her, giving her hope through glimpses of her purpose: what He has called her to do with these experiences. She is a daughter of the Highest God and gives herself to His will and goes wherever He sends her.


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Bracing Faith: Empowerment From a Domestic Violence Survivor and a Recovering Addict

Bracing Faith is the gripping account of a survivor’s experience with abuse, addiction, homelessness, and the justice system in California. With honesty and bravery, Patricia Cardenas shares her dark journey to ultimately find the light, relying on her faith and family to not only survive but to ultimately become a guide for others in their time of hardship.


  • Irene S. Roth | 05/15/2018

    This is an honest, brave and gripping book about a woman who has survived domestic violence, addiction, and homelessness. It is a book of hope and redemption which will help all women who are struggling with domestic violence.


    Patricia Cardenas’s story is very raw and honest. It is a book about her struggle in the hands of men who breathtakingly abused Patricia mercilessly. All she had was her faith in God and his redeeming qualities to survive. Patricia believed that God was always with her, even when she was abused, homeless and in the hands of the Justice system in California.


    Domestic abuse is pandemic in our society today. Few people talk about it in such an honest and open way. There are so much shame and denial surrounding the topic of domestic violence. And many men keep getting away with such heinous acts against the women they are supposed to care for and love.


    This is a book of hope for all women. The last segment of the book contains useful information about abuse and all the legal terminology that surrounds the issue of domestic abuse from a legal perspective. After reading this book, women will understand the legalities of abuse and what the process is to become liberated.


    This book will be an extremely valuable resource for women who have experienced abuse. It will give women hope, knowledge, and courage to leave their abusive situations and seek the mental, physical, spiritual, and psychological help that they need. It can be a complicated process, but it is worth it because no one deserves to live in conditions where they are abused. We all deserve comfort, peace, and safety.


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