Sarah Cummings

From Within The Shadows is Sarah’s first book. As a new writer, Sarah is enthusiastic and eager for her readers to be captive and spellbound by her characters’ lives of deception, illusion, and schemes. Through her writing, Sarah intends to inspire and give hope to people who may trials, challenges, or unique situations that require newly found hope, inner strength, and forgiveness. Sarah is currently writing a second book. Sarah lives In Illinois, and enjoys spending time with her daughter, family, and friends.


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From Within the Shadows

“Take your wretched memories and haunt another family. I choose peace and forgiveness!” Isabella’s whole life turned out to be a lie, a shattered image of bitterness, hatred, jealousy, rage-and a quest for forgiveness. Everything she thought she knew about her family is wrong: they are nothing like she imagined. Isabella’s mother, Adele, is a master of deception and manipulation who would say anything to keep Robert, Isabella’s father, out of their lives. Isabella cannot believe that the man she remembers-a kind, sweet, and loving man-could ever do any of the horrible things her mother describes. What’s more, she refuses to believe that Robert wants nothing more to do with his daughter. Adele blamed her husband for everything that was wrong in her life, but a daughter knows, deep in her truest heart, what is true. Isabella decides to risk everything for the chance to see her father once more. She craves the comfort that only a father can offer and freedom from her mother’s hatred and lies. Desperate to reconnect with her father, she takes the first steps to remove herself from her mother’s control.

But will the reward be worth the risk? Will she be able to uncover the real reasons for Adele’s obsessive campaign of hatred-and what will she do with those answers if she gets them?

Isabella knows that her life may never be the same, but a daughter’s quest for the truth is unstoppable, no matter what the cost.




  • ANONMYOUS | 30/12/2013

    This is an amazing book!! i recommend this book to anyone who has grown up in an abusive home. Or who at some point in life has suffered some kind of emotional trauma. This book sheds light on how to rise out of a horrific situation while finding her true identity. I think EVERYONE would benefit from this book!!



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