Tara Eisenlohr

Tara lives in Pentwater, Michigan with her husband, Jerrod and two children, Owen & Calyn. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English as well as a Master's degree in Educational Leadership from Grand Valley State University. She enjoys her job as a middle school teacher & loves inspiring her students with her passion for writing.


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Turkey Tale

Illustrated by Jeremiah Perkins


Enjoy this clever tale about three tom turkeys strutting and competing for the attention of an attractive hen. The toms are unaware of the nearby danger as they become the targets of a turkey hunter. Explore the knowledge shared in the "turkey facts" as you read through this entertaining story.



  • Marcia Larkins | 08/11/2010

    I love this book! I'm a 5th grade teacher and read Turkey Tales to my class during hunting season and the Thanksgiving holiday. They love it too. It gives those kids who are hesitant to read, a fun and informative way to read a story that interests them. They love all the turkey facts and wonderful illustrations. I can't wait to buy the next book.


  • Dr. Abigail Adams | 04/11/2010

    After reading this book to my son, I loved it so much that I ordered 10 more copies for all of my friend's children. Not only is the story entertaining, the illustrations are beautiful and the turkey facts provide thought provoking discussions along the way. It is a great way to introduce children to the value of conservation and respect for nature. I hope the author will add more to the collection.


  • Jaycee Keck | 04/11/2010

    This is a great book for Thanksgiving. The story is about a girls first Turkey hunt. And what the Turkeys think of the target she is practicing on. The book is recomended for kids around the grades 3-5. Hope you enjoy the book.


  • Miss Tif | 04/11/2010

    An adorable, yet informative, tale of three tom turkeys and their adventure in the woods. Great illustrations!



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