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The author lives with her husband – Scott, twin blessings – Katey & Haylea, and JoJo the Dorky Dog in Southeast Georgia.  Keeping in rhythm with her heart of hearts, it is her aspiration to be a scribbler of all things pure, good, and true to glorify God and His Kingdom.


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JoJo the Dorky Dog

JoJo is not your everyday, fancy schmancy, purebred canine, but a mutant-mutt with a mish-mash of curious characteristics belonging to different sorts.  Throw in a pair of unmatched peepers and a heart as big as the Georgia sky, and you have found a genuine friend who is nothing short of D-O-R-K-Y!  Join JoJo on his first journey, as he leaves big city living behind for a romp across the countryside, to find what he has always dreamed of having – a boy of his very own.


Children, Animals


  • Irene Roth | 08/16/2016

    This is a wonderful picture book for kids 5 to 9 with a powerful message. The message is that God is always watching over all of us—so we don’t have to be afraid.


    The story starts with JoJo being in a bit of a dilemma: can he stay with his owners and move to Alaska where it is cold and he had to live in igloos where icicles would hang off his little nose? He instead wanted to live in the country, where it was quiet and where it wasn’t cold, and where he could achieve his dream of having a family of his very own. So, he went off on an adventure to get to his ideal place. He ran into many obstacles along the way, some of which scared him terribly. But JoJo persevered with God’s help who made sure that he was safe wherever he went.


    In fact, God was taking care of him throughout his whole life. When he was a tiny pup, he was first adopted by a nice couple who took care of him. And he was grateful for where God has led him to now. Despite the fact that he felt a bit dorky, JoJo was still loved by God just the way he was. In fact, God made him this way for a purpose. So, JoJo celebrated who he was. Then one day after traveling far, he came to his ideal countryside. It was quiet and people were friendly. Then one boy noticed JoJo and suddenly he had another forever home at Stillwater Farm. He was happy in his new abode. The family was kind, and the family had the boy he had always dreamed of having! He didn’t have to be lonely anymore!


    This is a super-cute picture book that kids will love and read over and over. The book also has questions for reflection and ease of comprehension of the story. I will definitely recommend the book to every child in my church community.



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