Aisha K. Guiles

Aisha K. Guiles is a writer with a voice that can reach the corporate Body of Christ as well as nonbelievers. As an ordained minister in the nondenominational church, it is her intention to use her voice and her writing to reach others, inspiring them to walk with Christ. The Holy Spirit guided Guiles to begin writing as a way of keeping her voice strong in the Body of Christ after she moved to a new place. Her mission is to lead others passionately to Christ and help them strengthen their walk with Christ.




Heavenly Father, Will You Teach Me How to Pray?: A Prayer Journal on How to Develop a Closer Walk with God


As we all know, life can be challenging and sometimes it can even be quite baffling. Who is there to help us sort through all of the puzzling questions about why we face many of these sudden challenges? We know that there is not really a script to go through life but rather through Christ Jesus the answers reveal themselves. How so, one might ask? It is through your daily walk to uncover your God-given purpose and destiny. How do you find out your God-given purpose? You can only accomplish this through walking hand-in-hand with the Heavenly Father. Let’s go on a spiritual journey of walking with God daily. Get your pen and journal ready to record any divine revelation that is given to you as you travel through the pages in this book.


Spirituality, Devotional


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