Camelia Gabriela Frentiu

Born in Romania, she emigrated in USA in 2006. She lives with her husband and two children in Houston, Texas. She had already published two books for children, in Romania, before coming to the United States. Since 2006 she has worked for Memorial Hermann TMC and for Precious Jewels Alpha Learning Center. She intends to publish more books for children, and to write and publish a different genre books, as well. For example, in Romania she used to live in Transylvania region, 85 miles away from Dracula’s Castle. She was there, and she is inspired by this former vicinity to write a story, in the future.


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Stories By the Sea


Any book should make you think about its message, after reading it. As a former teacher I have tried to empower each of my stories for children with something useful in their development, accomplishment and knowledge. I wanted them to realize that we have to be happy with who we are, as we are. That somewhere out there is somebody who makes us entire, who fulfills us, but in life we can or cannot find this soul mate. That the way you look is not important, but your behavior and heart.



  • Jocelin Oaks | 07/05/2015

    As a parent it's very hard to find books for my children to read. Stories by the Sea is a must read. It's filled with beautifiul colors that make younger kids/toddlers attracted to it. Each chapter has a wonderful message even for middle school aged kids. This book is inspiring and can help kids to understand how it is important to make: better choices in life; how to except and be happy with themselves and how to treat others despite differences.



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