Donovan Gibson

 Impacted by his son's need for open heart surgery at the age seven months, Donovan wrote "The Ticker That Needed a Fixer". A youth sports advocate and a former director of a youth soccer club in Georgia, Donovan was lead to Christ by his son five years after his surgery in a most peculiar way. A dedicated father and husband, Donovan now lives in Jamestown, ND with his wife Kristie and their three son’s Gavin, Logan, and Mason.


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The Ticker that Needed a Fixer

Time Town is spiraling out of control and Little Tick-Tocks once sick "ticker" makes his dreams seem out of reach. He soon realizes God's plan calls him to inspire his father to save Time Town, and that nothing is impossible. An inspiring story that speaks just as much to the parent as it does to the child.





  • Kristie | 17/11/2011

    The book spoke to me on many levels. I am proud of what Donovan's son did for him, and continues to do in his life.



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