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Since childhood author Evelyn Gresham has always had a desire for writing and poetry, but kept it as a hobby. She graduated from Ashford University and received a master’s degree in education and child development. Aside from “Sweet, Sweet Carabee”, Evelyn has also authored the book “Brown Little Babies”. For over twenty years Evelyn has worked as a nursing assistant, but always had a passion for children. Ms. Gresham currently resides in the Midwest and enjoys traveling and illustrating in her spare time. Website


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Sweet Sweet Carabee

Take a trip into the lovable world of “Sweet, Sweet Carabee.” A delightful tale about a playful little girl with a colorful personality; Join Carabee and her faithful companion Snowbelle in the very first story of the Carabee book series. A fun-filled world of make believe and excitement that never ends.




  • KristinB | 16/07/2014

    Such a sweet book. Carabee is adorable and you just want to squeeze her. My daughters LOVE IT!!


  • Barbara | 11/07/2014

    I brought three copies of "Sweet Sweet Carabee"; one for the preschool room at my place of employment; and the other two for my granddaughters. It is so important for cultural diversity to be in the home and in the classroom. I love the artwork, it's a cute book.


  • Irene Roth, Book Reviewer | 10/12/2013

    The illustrations are bright and colourful. They show Carabee’s world beautifully with its pink, blue, green, and red tones. This book can be used in educational settings as well as at home as a great bedtime story. Thank you Evelyn for a wonderfully adorable children’s book that kids will enjoy and want to read over and over again.


  • David | 25/11/2013

    SWEET SWEET CARABEE is a tremendous book. The Illustration is extremely colorful and the story is adorable and it flows along. CARABEE is a great purchase for everyone to enjoy, I mark this book as HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


  • Kim Sponaugle | 25/11/2013

    Take an adventure with little Carabee and Snowbelle, waiting for the morning sun,climbing up the apple tree, or a bubble-filled time of fun...author Evelyn Gresham has brought the simple joys of childhood back, in a delightful book that little girls and the young at heart, will both enjoy.



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