G. Scott Gibson

G. Scott Gibson is a high school teacher in Thornton, Colorado. He makes his home in Loveland, Colorado. His youngest daughter gathered ½ sheets of paper, stapled the sheets along one edge to form a book, and on the cover in bright, pink letters wrote, “The Pink Toot.” The inside of the book was blank. That was his inspiration in creating “The Pink Toot.” G. Scott Gibson is a master of tooting and continues to perfect his craft. He has tooted since a very young age and continues to toot to this day. Gibson feels that tooting is refreshing, enlightening, funny, and gives you that “warm” feeling on the outside. He hopes that his book , The Pink Toot, will conjure up the same feelings for the readers.


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The Pink Toot

The Pink Toot is a hilarious children's book about a girl, Torrie Mae Twiddle, who "toots" and a large, pink cloud of gas comes out. The toot takes on a life of its own and follows Torrie everywhere she goes. She must use several creative ways to save herself from embarrassment and from getting in trouble at school. The Pink Toot is marvelously illustrated by Arianna Gentile Polese. Arianna’s drawings are spectacularly detailed and vivid which bring the comical story to life.




  • Brenda Spalding | 25/02/2013

    What a wonderful subject for children and what nine year old hasn't been embarrassed buy this normal function. It's a funny and engaging story every young girl or boy would enjoy reading. To have this pink cloud follow Torrie Mae all day is just hilarious. the things she goes through to hide her cloud is true imagination at it's best.


  • Irene S. Roth | 18/04/2012

    This is a wonderfully hilarious story that kids will find extremely engaging. It is guaranteed to keep them in stitches and glued to the outcome of the story. Torrie Mae Twiddle just turned 9 years old. She had a big party filled with pink balloons, pink toys, pink streamers, and pink tables. There was also a pink frosted cake, pink ice cream, pink mints, and pink cookies. Could Torrie Mae digest all of this pink food without getting ill? The next day at school, Torrie Mae produced pink gas bubbles that floated all over the hallway. She couldn’t contain them! The teacher finally got all upset with Torrie Mae and sent her to the principal’s office. He screamed and called Torrie Mae's mother. How could she tell her mother what happened? What could Torrie Mae do with the pink gas bubble? This book is full of vivid imagery. It will also teach kids that even the most embarrassing things can be transformed into something as beautiful as sunsets and early dawn mornings.



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