Greg Grandchamp

Greg Grandchamp lives in Colorado Springs, CO with his wife of 30 years. He and Norma have four adult children, and five grandkids who they adore, and love to RV in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Greg is a senior executive in the mortgage industry, and brings his faith into his business world.  He is an accomplished public speaker and trainer, but mostly loves teaching the Bible in a way that touches hearts.




In Pursuit of Truth


Christianity today is often viewed by others as judgmental, hypercritical and condemnatory.  Too often people are turned off by what they see as a religion bound by rules and regulations, which they believe dominate the Christian landscape.  In Pursuit of Truth tries to dispel those false assumptions, and to show that true Christianity is nothing more – and nothing less – than a relationship with Jesus Christ.  IPOT asks the reader to answer the question for him or herself – Who Is Jesus Christ?




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