Kevin Hrebik

Kevin is a chaplain at the Harris County Jail in Houston, Texas. He has more than 30 years of both ministry and writing experience in a wide variety of contexts. All proceeds from this book will go to support his ministry as a home missionary chaplain.




The Carpenter’s Shop


The first in a series of short but powerful books about the many metaphors of Christ found in scripture. Many heartwarming aspects of this popular, endearing image are explored during the telling of the author’s personal testimony. To whom do we turn when our heart is broken, when our spirit is crushed? Who is willing or able to repair matters of the spirit? Borrowing a line from a song mentioned in the first chapter, “The Carpenter’s Shop” waits for us to bring him broken things to mend. Enjoy, and then share with others, this unique and creative look at a once devastated life that was restored by the Master!



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