Laura Gasbarro

Laura Gasbarro is an accomplished community organizer with extensive experience in school communications, marketing, writing, special event planning and nonprofit management. Currently, she is the Co-executive Director of Hudson Community First in Hudson, Ohio. A graduate of the University of Akron with a B.A. in Mass Media Communication, Laura has spent her entire career working in community and school settings promoting the positive development of youth. Laura lives in Hudson, Ohio with her husband Gary. She has two sons, Gregory and Nicholas.




Empower Kids!

Starting a community initiative from the ground up can be a laboring experience especially without the right tools. Empower Kids! is a thorough “how to” guide for any community. Author, Laura Gasbarro, is an experienced community organizer and guides the reader step by step on the path to start a successful organization in any city in the nation. This roadmap helped Gasbarro and her organization to become one of America Promise Alliance´s 100 Best Communities for Young People in the country. This is an easy guide for the simplest of community grass root start ups.


Business, Parenting


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