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Linda A. Goodlin writes periodically for a children’s magazine called Guide. She plays keyboard with a praise and worship band and is an inspirational speaker for women. She has been married to her childhood sweetheart, Tom, for fifty years. They have three children and four grandchildren. Linda is a retired Health Insurance Producer in Western Pennsylvania. She enjoys biking, kayaking, and early morning walks on country roads.


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From Across The Pond

When Joseph Millward loses his job in Wales, he decides to join his brother in America. Joseph and his wife, Anna, make the long journey “from across the pond” to begin a new life in the coal patch town of Rocktown, Pennsylvania where Polish, German, Slovak, Irish, Italian, and Welch immigrants assert their indomitable spirit. A mine explosion has dubious consequences; is it an accident or murder?




  • Irene S. Roth | 03/26/2018

    This story is about Joseph Millward and his wife Anna. When Joseph loses his job in Wales, the couple decides to join Joseph’s brother and moves to America. The journey and move are difficult and the adjustments are even hard. They believed that their new life in America was exactly what they needed to start anew. By being grateful and trusting in God they made the necessary adjustments and tried to fit into their new homeland.


    Joseph and his wife have a close bond. With this close bond, they were able to make any adjustments that they needed in their new life. Joseph got a job at a coal mine in Rocktown, Pennsylvania. The job had long hours and it was very hard on Joseph. It is hard to believe that people work so hard and are in the midst of so much danger working in a coal mine. But Joseph was eager to start his new job and to make a new life.


    Rocktown, Pennsylvania was also culturally different from Wales. It was a place where there were a lot of different nationalities and peoples, such as Polish, German, Slovak, Irish, Italian and Welch immigrants. The place was quite multicultural and sometimes personalities clashed.


    Life seemed to be going as well as it could. Anna was homesick a lot. Joseph would come home very tired from the coal mine. Sometimes arguments would occur. But they believed in each other and they became part of a community of people quite quickly.


    Then one day, a terrible explosion occurred in the coal mine. There were a lot of suspicions surrounding the explosion. This news ripped Anna apart because one of the men who was trapped in the coal mine was Joseph.


    This is a story about the courage, strength, and love that is required to move to a new place and take a chance at a new life. I now can imagine how hard migrants who move to America and Canada have it.


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