Lois Howell Galloway

Lois Howell Galloway, age 85, lives in Dale County, Alabama, with her husband, Ray, and family. She attends church at Browns United Methodist faithfully, where she is an avid Christian believer and church pianist. She is the founder of The Community Cottage Prayer Group of East Dale County, Alabama, with Prayer Warriors from 5 churches who are still active after almost 18 years. Though she loves to write, this is her first book to be published. She has been a newspaper correspondent, and has self-published numerous Christian booklets.




The Howells: What A Way To Live!

The storyline of this memoir depicts the first segment at the onset of World War I. Bud, a handsome 26-year-old was an illegal bootlegger. And when the draft board called he became a deserter. He proposed to Maude, a little 14-year-old child who married him and promised to love him until ‘death do us part’. But when she was expecting her third child, she discovered his deception and unfaithfulness. She was exposed to hiding in caves and bluffs even when pregnant and having to sleep on straw beds.


The second segment, The Rest of the Story, reveals what happened to Bud after Maude’s prayers began to follow him wherever he went. Explicit scenarios depict many supernatural, unbelievable scenes. He surrendered to the Heavenly Father, and became a man of God who was filled with His Spirit and power.



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