Marcus J. Hanson

Marcus Hanson’s talent for art revealed itself early on. However, his gifting for Biblical discernment and teaching was not evident until after graduating from Emporia State University with a degree in art. Still, it would be a few more years after finding a new church home at Hope Community church in Emporia Kansas would he combine these two abilities. His elaborate use of unique imagery within multimedia in his small groups and sermons has added a distinctive dimension to the presentation of Biblical truth. This eventually led to his current ministry where he composes a drawing simultaneously with the pastor’s sermon to present the same message in a visual way. Through this book, Marcus’ talent and vision are being brought to a wider audience.




Visual Parables


While the concept of Christ-likeness is hardly a new one, there is one aspect of it that has remained mostly unexplored-–that being How did Christ teach. The Bible is very specific on how he taught, and while present day ministers often emulate certain aspects of Christ-likeness as far as teaching goes, there is one aspect that remains almost completely neglected––that being parable. Why did Christ teach this way, and should current day pastors be following Christ’s example in this way as well? In this book, the author explores this question by using a variation of the parable in order to explain parable and other aspects of Jesus’ example based.




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