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Marjorie Andrews - Harbold lives in upstate NY. She is a professional Christian Clown, who has touched many lives through her clown ministry. She works with children programs, nursing homes, hospitals, hospice, veterans, and many more. When not a clown, Marjorie is always helping others and teaching about God’s love. She has been scout leader, team mom, Sunday school teacher, room mother, youth leader, and special ed. aide. Most important Marjorie is a friend.


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Kittens Teach Charity the Clown

Kittens Teach Charity the Clown is a cute story about learning how to make good choices with God‘s help. Charity is an eight-year old loveable girl who will help you to believe in the Lord and yourself. In this book God used her family, four kittens, and a surprise ending to teach Charity several lessons. The most important lesson she learned was “The Golden Rule”.


Children, Animals


  • Wayne S. Walker | 31/05/2012

    Andrews, Marjorie.Kittens Teach Charity the Clown (published in 2011 by Halo Publishing International).If you have a pet or know someone who does, how do you care for it? Eight-year-old Charity is not an ordinary girl. She is a clown, like her mother and even her grandparents. One day, Charity is bored and hopes that one of her friends will call. When Granny Clown calls, she answers, “You need to get off the phone!One of my friends might call.” Her mom says that she was rude to Granny, but before Charity called her back to apologize, she goes out to play with her friend Darlena. While playing they find four abandoned kittens, put them in a box, and take them to Charity’s house.


  • Ms. Donald | 23/03/2012

    This book is wonderful. I love the characters and the wonderful story they share with the readers. God works through this author as she teaches how kindness, prayer, and the Golden Rule can make anyone's life better. Charity the clown is a breathe of fresh air. Kids love Charity and enjoy the adorable kittens. There are even questions to go over the lessons learned with your children and a chance for them to write Charity and be in her next book.



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