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Michael Gotz is a photographer and photojournalist based in Los Angeles. He is a partner at Contact Photo Lab located in the Brewery in L.A. He has shown his fine art photography in galleries and has published articles in various journals and newspapers. He is always looking for interesting and inspiring projects, such as Bible Bikers.   Michael can be contacted at: michael@michaelgotzmedia.com, and his website can be found at his Website.


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Bible Bikers: Live Ridin’ on the Road to Redemption

The Live Ride Ministry and Motorcycle Club


This is the story of how bad boys became good men, a true tale of reformation and redemption. Through the vision of one such man, the Live Ride Ministry and Motorcycle Club was born, helping outlaw bikers, drug addicts, and criminals find faith in Jesus Christ. Their stories, in their own words, reveal gritty tales of hard men with rough beginnings who managed to turn their lives around to become productive and moral Christian citizens. Can we, as people, really ever change? This book certainly shows that we can and gives us a whole lot to think about.


  • Irene S. Roth | 01/05/2015

    This is a unique book that is inspiring, courageous and down to earth. Its theme is that it is possible for any of us to overcome great difficulties and character defects, if we are only willing to do so and have the courage and bravery to try.  What a GREAT message for all of us.


    Many people believe that if they have done a lot of wrong things in their lives and have gotten to places that they should not have been that life is pretty well over.  Through the stories of transformation in this book, Michael Gotz shows us that this is not the case. There is always hope and room for transformation through the Live Ride Ministry and Motorcycle Club.


    Who would think that you could take God on the road and show others how to become a good and honorable people. This book documents how Christian faith worked hand-in-hand with great personal effort to turn people with very unproductive and criminal lives into fine citizens.


    The men interviewed in this book, came to their faith by different means. But they are bound together by inspiration and the glue of Pastor Rick Fish. He is the leader, mentor and founder of the Live Ride Ministry and Motorcycle Club. He is their guide to a new life. But things were not always easy for him in the beginning either. This is why he knows first-hand what these men are going through and how hard it is to transform into a worthy person.


    The members of both the Live Ride Motorcycle Club and the Live Ride Ministry tell their stories in their own words. And Gotz records these words faithfully, word for word. Some of these stories are raw and disturbing. But the honesty with which they are told will be felt by all readers. These stories will also inspire readers to strive to be their best, regardless of their backgrounds.


    I really enjoyed the book. I love to see human lives saved and transformed for the better. And Gotz shows us over and over again that it is possible to do this, one courageous action at a time through the Live Ride Motorcycle Club and the Live Ride Ministry.



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