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Mona is a wife, mother and grandmother! She has over 25 years experience in her early childhood development career. Mona enjoys working in the ministry with her husband who is a pastor. She loves her family and friends three dots.


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I Love You Three Dots

This is an inspirational book about being loved. A little boy is intrigued by the "three dots" in his number book and later compares that never ending concept to his love for his mommy. This is a story that can be shared with anyone special in your life.




  • Nelson | 02/08/2011

    Great book. The illustrations by Maryann Held are well drawn!


  • Virginia S Grenier | 18/02/2011

    This is such a cute book. Great gift for kids from family members. The writing is simple and powerful


  • rebekah | 07/05/2010

    i love her book its soo cute Mona is a very good person.


  • Irene Roth | 07/10/2016

    This is an endearing story about what true love between a mother and son really means. It is a message that kids need to hear over and over again.


    The story is about a boy who is trying to learn how to count in his room one early afternoon. He had a favorite book that Mom used all the time—a book that the little boy really loved. Then one day the boy noticed that there were three dots on each page. He had no idea what that meant and why there were there. So, he asked his mom. His mom tried to explain why, but she had to explain it in a way that he would understand.  His mom said that the three dots meant going on forever. Then she realized that even that definition was a bit hard for a child to gasp. But the child did understand and he even used it to tell his mom how much he loved her at bedtime.


    What a wonderful book about love with a special message for kids: a mom’s love goes on forever.






He Loves Us All Three Dots


He Loves Us All Three Dots is a very special book!  Designed to introduce the message of the salvation, this simple, easy to understand story of true love will grow with your child, as they grow spiritually. A wonderful teaching tool for all ages with favorite scripture verses included.




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