Rebeca Gómez Galindo

Rebeca Gómez Galindo was born and raised in México City. She moved to San Antonio, Texas in 2004. Her work has been published in México, Spain and the United States. She’s the former vice-president of the Society of Hispanic and Latino Writers of San Antonio. Her book “Habitantes de mi Tiempo” was featured at the Salon du Livre in Paris, France, 2009.


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Kidnapped Innocence


Ximena Villarreal is the only daughter of the wealthiest banker in Mexico City. Her life seems perfect, her future planned. Existence inside her family’s protective bubble isn’t exciting but it is safe. Until the night the bubble shatters and she gets kidnapped.

Alejandro Montalban, Ximena’s alienated cousin and the family’s black sheep, throws himself in the quest to rescue her. In essence he is a man and she is a woman who salvage each other from their mistaken lives, defying moral taboos.

Will Alejandro be able to save Ximena from the kidnappers, or do the fates have something else in store?


  • Irene S. Roth | 01/05/2015

    This is a unique novel with a sad premise. It is always sad when anyone is kidnapped. But the story has a very positive and empowering message too because of the personal growth that Ximena experiences.


    Life for Ximena Villarreal seems quite wonderful. But she always feels that something is missing. Life seems boring and too predictable for her. She would like some adventure but she never would want her life to change so fast. Ximena gets kidnapped and her life is thrown into a whirlwind of unpredictability and danger. Alejandro Montalban, her cousin who has been the black sheep of the family for many years, decides to put his heart and soul into finding Ximena. They had a history of saving each other from life’s ups and down, but now it seems that he is put to the ultimate test.


    Can Alejandro find Ximena and save her from the destructive hands of the kidnappers? Or has he lost his cousin forever? This is his chance to shine and make himself proud but more importantly to ensure his relationship with Ximena grows. But can he do it?


    I loved this book from beginning to end. The writer has a bit of Latin and Mexican flare too in the way the story is told which will appeal to readers of all ages. The story quite literally transported me to Mexico, a place that I want to visit soon. Thank you Rebeca Gomez Galindo for such a wonderful book! I can’t wait to see more of your books in the future.



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